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Diet results: unsatisfactory. Must have been the placebo.

I've been on a diet for about 6 1/2 years now. It's the "one bite for you, two for me" method - otherwise known as a hovering child that must eat whatever I'm eating. So tell me, why am I not a good 20 pounds lighter? Like today. Lunch today, sans Blaine, was tater tots dipped in sour cream. Healthy, I know. Without my husband to cook for, things are pretty lax around here. I asked if anyone else wanted some, the older girls did, Sterling most definitely did not. But when they came out of the toaster oven resembling chicken nuggets, he wanted to try them. Certain he wouldn't like them, I dished up the girls and mine, gave him one of mine, and waited for the predicted spit. Didn't happen. I got to eat roughly 2/3 of my original lunch. I suppose that's only fair, since I ate two of his orange wedges as I peeled it for him. But again, why am I not lighter? Maybe it's the stuff I sneak when the kids aren't looking... ice cream, you know, tastes better at 8:16pm when the kids are in bed and mine is the only spit on the spoon.

I get to see an "old" friend tomorrow. It's been 9 years. Life is drastically different than it was back then. But why am I so stinking nervous? And why, just now, do I have to break out so that I closely resemble what I looked like 9 years ago? Seriously.

Blaine's driving home - should be home Monday! He got to leave early, once again. So very cool. It'll be great to have my husband back.

Just an FYI: Fisherman's cough drops are highly effective. Try drinking chocolate milk while you have one in your mouth though, and it works all the better. The flavor achieved is enough alone to scare whatever is bothering you into submission.

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