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"Mom! There's Dr. Grasshopper's dentist clinic!" Dr. Snodgrass is a dentist from church - but Liberty was a little confused.

Our internet is sketchy. Our phone is out all together. Yes, I paid the bill. No, I'm not quite sure why. If you've tried to call... well, the cell phone might be a better option. We're on month two of this... or thereabouts.

Liberty finished her math for 1st grade! Ah, the excitement this morning when she was done with school in two hours instead of the typical 4 or so. Math is her enemy. The look on her face when she asked if she has to do math in 2nd grade and was informed she has to do math for another 11 grades, plus college, was pitiful. She might have cried if I hadn't changed the subject. Poor girl - but she's really good at math!

I ordered the curriculum for next year this morning! We're all set. I'm excited. Liberty... not so much. Thinking we'll do one math lesson a week all summer, keep her fresh and give her a four day math week this fall. Ask me in July how that's going.

We put an offer on a house... and still haven't heard. The offer expired Friday night, but I was told a decision hadn't been made yet. Not sure what's going on, but it would be nice to know something - even if it wasn't ours.

Laundry load number six, calling buzzing my name.

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Kristin said...

Liberty is quite the model, by the way. I got my magazine and we've been showing off that we know her a little bit. And it's a good sales tactic, because I'm now considering buying the sandals on the page across from hers...