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Brady: Abused or loved?

Brady is our new puppy. Pretty sure she's been well-mentioned by now. I've been a bit remiss in posting photos though, and I'm trying to be better about these things, so here's a few I took on Saturday. Abused, loved, or both? You decide. But just for proof for my dear mother, who gave us Brady, she's alive, well, slightly abused by small children, loved, and bathed regularly. She's not house trained quite yet, but we're getting there - and I'm really trying. Sometimes it's just easier to clean it up than it is to remember to take her potty. But since I have four potty trained children, I imagine the dog will get there too - eventually. She even goes for car rides. And she's not in the sorry shape I dreamed of last night when I dreamed of Brady. Thankfully. Call it pregnant dreams... Ugh.


Roxanne said...

Brady and Sterling look like they make a good team, and she certainly doesn't look abused, nor do your children!!

Adrienne said...

Oh, I'm quite certain my children are not abused - but Brady might be. Well-loved, for certain. She gets hauled around all day long, and doesn't seem to mind a bit. Once I convinced Eden that when she was growling or yipping, that likely signaled pain - and probably meant she should not hold her quite like that...