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I’ve lost my memory.

I forgot to buy Easter candy. Completely spaced it. So when the kids mentioned our tradition of hiding baskets of candy for each of the children at 8pm on Saturday night, I was a little taken aback. How on earth does one forget that???

Saturday night, 3.5 hours after the “forgot the candy” realization, I went to make the sticky buns I’d agreed to take to Easter brunch at church. I’m out of cook-and-serve vanilla pudding. I’d sent Blaine to the store on the way home from work Friday so that I’d have the frozen dinner rolls I needed to make the sticky buns. Never checked my pudding supply.

Can I have my brain back? This pregnancy is getting to it, I think. (Although someone, remaining nameless, also pregnant, called me the other day to tell me that she, after running an entire load through her washing machine so that clean sheets could be have, and learning the wash load on her new machine takes 2 hours, opened the washing machine to find she’d forgotten to add clothes. I haven’t done that. Yet.)

So back to the Easter baskets. I scrounged the house for anything sweet, found a couple boxes of Andes Thin Mints I’d bought in the after-Christmas sale, peppermints from my very-Dutch husband’s stash of peppermints for church, and fruit cups and rice crispy bars – from Blaine’s lunch fixings supply. Poor man – but I left him some. I threw a dollar bill in each, and we were in business. I was tempted to raid their Valentine’s day candy, but putting their candy into their baskets just seemed, um, strange.

That story for this one. All the kids, post-lunch, ate yogurt and then one thing from their Easter baskets. All chose rice crispy bars. They looked good, so I asked Sterling to raid Blaine’s lunch supplies and get me one. His reply? “Momma’s gonna be sugared up!” This stated as all four older kids are running the length of the kitchen, hyper on yogurt and rice crispy bars. I assure you, I did not join them in their sugary races. That would have been a sight.

*Side note, instead of the pudding, I just used brown sugar, butter and corn syrup. Blaine said he liked them better.

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