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F for failure.

I took all of the kids to the grocery store by myself yesterday. We went to a small-town small store. How hard could this be?

Setting myself up for failure, I know.

Right about the time I thought I was doing all right, I heard a voice. Loud and getting louder, Ruby was in a panic. Two aisles over. Perfect. I’d lost a kid and didn’t even know she was missing.

I thought maybe it would cure her of her new habit of wandering off. It didn’t. But at least it cured me of not watching her every second. We didn’t get very many groceries after that.

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Jennifer said...

I remember being scared silly to attempt shopping when my 5th was born. Then #6 came along, and the older ones were old enough to stay in the car. You're almost there. At this point, when we all go in, we clog up the aisles! :)