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Project: Containment.

It’s been a bag-sewing day. This summer, after stuffing eight towels in a three-towel bag more times than I can count, my dear husband suggested I make one to fit our family.

Meet, the new beach bag, Polka Dotty. (Thank you, Hobby Lobby, for your clearance fabric rack. I’m not that picky. It’s perfect.) With room for many more towels, we’re set. I can even fit an extra diaper in there. The previous bag couldn’t fit even an extra wipe, never mind something of substance. Hooray for extra room. :)


It remains to be seen if Blaine or I will be the only ones strong enough to carry the monstrosity.


And, a new purse. Because I loved the gray fabric. A lot.


Laura Mindeman said...

Awesome!!!! Now, we both have appropriate sized pool/towel bags!:) And, I love the gray fabric a lot too!!!!! Super cute!

Anonymous said...

How did the purse turn out, Sis? Have you had a chance to start your next (sewing) project? Maybe I should rephrase. I don't know that I am actually next on the list, but hey!, even if I'm not, getting the next one done would mean that you were that much closer to mine! (I am so very glad that you [and my husband] know how to sew...) Love you!!

Adrienne said...

My purse is in the bottom photo. I love it. I need to add a smaller pocket for my phone since I can't seem to find it when it's ringing, but that's easy enough.

Next project hasn't started. Life got crazy. The sewing machine is still out, just for you. :)