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Poor boy.

Dear Pierce,

Today, you are one. With a typical one-year-old vocabulary, you can’t tell me what kind of birthday dessert you’d like. You did come out with something that sounds remarkably like “I love you” – said at the appropriate time, so I’m calling it real. Impressive, Baby Boy.

But I digress. Dessert.

As the third birthday in less than a month, we’re caked out. We’re not cake people. Most of both of your September sister’s cakes are now up in the compost heap. So, dear boy, since you were born in the middle of apple picking season, you’re getting apple pie.

It’ll be delicious, I promise.




Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthday Pierce. Hope you enjoy your apple pie and all of the extra attention birthdays generate. Roxanne

Lanita said...

My son started asking for pumpkin pie for his birthday when he was 6. (we aren't cake people either, unless it is cheesecake:)