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12.11.2012 review

As a new member of the 2013 The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, my first assignment was to review the website. Oh. My. Fun.

From the publishers of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, it’s written to be a whole curriculum in and of itself, or can be used as a supplement to the books you’re already doing. With a long list of authors who contribute, I love that I can use the gifts of another to round out my curriculum.

With more topics than my computer time allows me to explore, I've been digging around in there for days. Math helps. Reading. Guitar! History. Spellings lists. The list of kid-friendly crafts has me itching to carve out time in our week to try more of them out.

Realizing Sterling, my kindergartner, does not have a Spelling curriculum this year (waiting for that boy to read fluently seemed wise) I was picking through the age-appropriate spellings lists for him and was glad to find out he was still able to spell the words they had listed for this week. With a full range of curriculum available for K4 through high school, there’s an abundance of topics and subjects I had yet to consider studying. offers downloadable planners as well. Planning isn’t my strong suit – I hope to get better at that with these!

The reading list was something I really appreciated. With two elementary daughters voraciously devouring books, I’m excited to add those to our lists and hopefully find some new favorites.

The subscription rate is $5.95 per month, but the first month is just $1. You can also purchase a full year for $49.

The Everyday Explorers U.S.A. section in the Dailies was pretty fun. The author’s excitement for history was contagious. It’s certainly more fun – and memorable – when history is made interesting! I’m planning to jump into that for history for the rest of the year. They really liked what we've done with that so far.

When I had a quiet moment, I went through This Month’s Menu. How fun to have a section on there for me – and my older girls who can help me cook. The Music – Voice section was fabulous. With several of my girls looking forward to the year they are old enough to participate in the Jr. High/High School choir in church, I think this is a great way for them to prepare themselves. It has great lessons from behind the people and music and offers ideas and instruction. Maybe I can learn a bit along with my kids!

I love this site. I plan to get much use out of it in the coming year, rounding out our school year and remembering it next year, before I buy curriculum. As a homeschooling mom that would rather my kids not be in front of the computer too much, this brings a nice balance and encourages family-involved learning in many areas. Much recommended!

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Disclaimer: I received a free subscription to this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.


Sharilyn said...

Do you think that you would buy it again? Would it be worth your $49? For those of us that don't have any extra $49 laying around?

Adrienne F said...

It has enough on there that could save me money, I think it would be worth the $49 if I could swing it in my school budget. I'm too nervous to make it a whole curriculum, but it certainly could take over several subjects. It's all there - I just am too book-minded to let it be everything.

annette said...

it's a good site Sharilyn and me...miss cheapie, let's do it for free, would be highly inclined to buy it (in fact I did). :) So if you can swing it, and like doing on-line, or print it off learning, that it will work for you.

if not, then it can easily be used just to supplement.

Sorry Adrienne.. just me popping by from the TOS crew review. Wanted to see what others had done.

Adrienne F said...

Thanks Annette, that was really helpful. I've never used an online curriculum before and was having a hard time answering that. I have a hard time giving up my book-in-hand tendencies!