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Just when I think we’re making progress…

The UPS delivery truck pulled into our yard Friday. When the kids went out to get the package from the driver, he’d already put it on the porch and left. They came back in, telling me there was poop on the porch. The man had walked around it to deliver the box.

I asked them to please tell me it was rooster poop. No such luck.

My son pooped on the porch, and the delivery driver walked around it to get to the door.

Complete personal mortification, complete.

Potty training Pierce score: Pierce: 235, Momma: 0.

In other news, I’m doing far better after my week and the kidney infection. Our church had a ladies retreat this Friday/Saturday, though, and I found out I’m not exactly 100%. Staying up late, going for a walk, and I’m wiped out and sore. Slowly, things will get back to normal. I hope.


Charlotte Moore said...

Glad you are better, but I am sure it will take a while to be back to 100 %.

It just seems to take longer for some kids with the potty training. He will get it. It might be later than sooner though. (-:


Sharilyn said...

Pooping on the porch is least it wasn't on the couch when you were welcoming in an unexpected neighbor. Little kid poop on the porch looks like you have a naughty dog. (the UPS guy thinks said dog is being disciplined for this unseemly act and has been put into his kennel, thus no barking or biting upon his arrival on your doorstep) Love ya! Hope you get better soon!

Adrienne F said...

I'm counting on Pierce not starting high school with regular accidents... but I have no guarantee how soon before then we'll get there! But I persevere.

Sharilyn, Blaine said the same thing. I'm pretty sure Brady met the delivery driver in the driveway anyhow, so our scapegoat was clearly defined... Pierce is giving me gray hairs.

Alix S said...

Oh no!! My son came in one day from playing outside, and I asked if he needed to go potty. He said "no, I pooped outside." And we had no idea where. Boys....

Adrienne F said...

Alix, that sounds so familiar! I hope you don't find it later the hard way!