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To the mothers vacationing without their husbands or children in Florida.

"What's a daycare?"

One of my children posed the question. Pausing, I tried to come up with a suitable answer. In the world of my children, they don't know anything like it. Momma stays home with them.

Explaining it's a place that cares for children, rather like a babysitter, while parents work, my children looked even more confused.

"Oh, like if the dad dies."

Didn't see that coming. Yes, I suppose that could be one scenario. I added that perhaps both parents work. I got trampled in the trains that were my children's imaginations.

"Or if the mom dies."

Yes, I suppose that's another possibility.

Then Ruby dropped the bomb.

"Or if the mom goes on a trip, like to Florida."

Florida? Florida? Who's going to Florida? And why wasn't I invited?! What is Florida anyhow?

She looked at me like I was SO ignorant.

"It's a state, Momma."

Glad we got that cleared up. What I want to know is this: who taught her this stuff?!



Charlotte Moore said...

How funny!! That is a good problem to have though, not knowing what a daycare is.

Sharilyn said...

one of my children was asking this question to an AUNT and when the light dawned, she said "oh, like an orphanage except the kids have parents." This did not go over so well with that AUNT.

Adrienne F said...

Oh, dear, Sharilyn. I bet that didn't go over so well at all. Oops.