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Elliot Adelaide

Elliot Adelaide FalkenaElliot Adelaide made a grand and scary entrance into the world yesterday evening. Her birth story is here, should you care to read it.

She and I are recovering well, and the rest of the kids are in love. After minor disappointment that Ellie was not the gender he so strongly desired, even Sterling has to admit he’s happy to have another sister. Something about holding a newborn that snuggles right into you, I’m thinking. Pierce is determined to share all of his things with Ellie – so far, he’s tried to feed her an almond, an orange, and brought me the gallon of milk when I told him she just likes milk, informed me baby needed my “boo” because she was hungry (I’m hopeful that means attempts to feed her other foods are no longer threatened.) and shared his favorite blankets and his pillow with her within moments of meeting her. I’m thinking jealousy isn’t an issue. He’s her protector. Except when he tried to put the baby chew toy in her mouth… but he was trying to be helpful, I’m sure.


Charlotte Moore said...

I forgo to say what a chunk she is. So glad it all turned out well.


Adrienne F said...

Thanks, Charlotte. We're so thankful!

Kim Johnson (LCA) said...

She is adorable! So happy for you and your sweet family, God has blessed you! :) Have a great day.