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Nope, still no photos.

Sorry folks. I'm just not that good. Mostly, my computer is full and dumping a memory card full of photos is more than likely going to be the death of it. We'll get there though.

We've been in Springfield for a week and a half at this point. I've gotten lost half a dozen times, made my first successful trip to Walmart and back without having to turn around once, the lawnmower won't start, my kitchen is mostly unpacked but not completely, I love my dishwasher, and 950 square feet isn't quite big enough for this crew - or this amount of crap, one or the other. I thought I threw away a lot before we moved, but I've pared down even farther. Amazingly enough, I love that.

We've enjoyed our church so far, aren't sure where it's going, but are loving the people there. We've been to homes of people from church 3 times and are invited to another one tomorrow night - in a week and a half, I remind you. PA was so very unfriendly. I can think of 3 homes, total that we were invited to in PA. It's a world away at this point.

I was very nice to Liberty this afternoon. She asked to drink my cold coffee I hadn't finished, I agreed, and three hours past bedtime, she's still lying awake in there. Bad momma. Didn't think of that. She's a good sport though. If she starts talking to me, she doesn't even slow down to take a breath. It's comical.

Ruby turned one last week. We celebrated Monday - when I finally got her presents wrapped and cake made. First born gets a party, fourth gets a cake four days late - and a crazy cake at that. It was homemade though, give me that much. Really, what happened between kid one and kid four? Sleep wasn't it, that's for sure.

We started school (again) today. It went well, I guess. Liberty forgot how to write! She spent an hour doing the two pages of cursive I required of her. We worked through the summer to avoid this day, and here we are anyway. I got an awesome Bible curriculum though, and it sparked some great conversations. That was the highlight of my day - unless you count the part where I got all the laundry done for that brief moment in time. That one was pretty great too.

Bedtime for me. Liberty, want to lock up? I thought it would be a few more years before my kids were up later than me. Craziness.


alysia said...

At least you can contribute her wakefulness to coffee. Sydney and Claire just won't go to sleep! Then Sydney didn't want to get out of bed for school. She says "I don't think I am going to make it through the day" Yup, back to in bed, lights off at 7:30.

Glad things are good!

Jennifer said...

What Bible curriculum are you using? I just bought Jacob a new Bible (his other one is King James, so this one is NIV!) and along with it I got a story Bible for the younger ones that comes highly recommended. I am starting to think about a Bible curriculum though...

Adrienne said...

The Bible curriculum from Covenant Home. I'd heard tons about it, then someone from church here had it and wanted to sell it. I love it so far.