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Random non-news and... well, that's pretty much it.

Our shower whistles sometimes. Who knows? Eden was a bit concerned when it started it's shriek this morning. "Daddy! The alarm o'clock is beeping!" Ah, yes. We laughed.

Went for a drive tonight. We found a house for sale, with the info out front. Before I went to the info envelope, we both guessed on the home's selling price. I said $129,000. Blaine said $70,000 tops. Not so much. $169,900. Seriously, that house apparently had a whole lot more going on inside than it did outside. But, just for the record, I am by no means competitive and didn't make sure that Blaine knew I was closer in my estimation. Definitely not.We've had some fun weekends lately. We went to the zoo last weekend for a whopping $4 admission for all of us. Gotta love dollar days. Poor Ruby though... she's loved. Blaine shot the photo, and it just made me laugh. Poor Ruby.

Monday we went to Branson, and stopped at this dam along the way. Ruby thought she was hot stuff, holding hands and walking all the way up the path back to the car. She'll take about 6 steps, fall down, get back up and try again over and over again these days. All I can say is that it's a good thing that she wears diapers. She needs the padding.


alysia said...

I was just wondering if Ruby was walking! How much are you loving or not loving that? Joel is getting himself around these days...not always to where he wants to be. I am hating having to make sure EVERYTHING is off the floor before putting him down.

Adrienne said...

It's not so bad. She'd become so proficient at crawling and standing up, she's not really into any more than she had been before. Everything goes in her mouth too - that's such fun. I'm sure she's eaten more than her share of dirt in the last few months. Eww.

jnkheeren said...

hehe, I laughed at the photo of Ruby being kissed....she's sooo adorable! Abby used to kiss my girls till they screamed! :D

Adrienne said...

Those cheeks are just too irresistible. Poor Sterling, his are huge... and just as well-kissed as Ruby's. :)