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You learn something new every day.

Decided to teach Charlotte to nap in her bed instead of in the swing. Turns out, it's all my fault we've gone through more batteries than I can count. She went right to sleep - and is still sleeping an hour later. Day three of napping in her bed. That was easier than I thought it was going to be!

Next up: folding eight loads of clothes and putting them away. Because I need my laundry baskets before I can wash a few more loads. I don’t suppose anyone has any ideas that will make this easier too?


lcarp51 said...

Thank you, God, for small blessings. :)

Jennifer V said...

less laundry, so it can't pile up so much. (5 or so outfits per child is my number.)

Adrienne said...

Definitely, Laura,

Jen - I've considered this many times. Haven't made the leap though. I'm afraid I'd run out of clean outfits for them before I got laundry done, and then what?