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With occasional posts, Alexandra, Adrienne's older sister, writes of her ranch life in Nevada and raising four sons, ages 5 and under. Life is never dull and her boys have given her some pretty awesome stories to tell.

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Happy birthday, baby girl and other short stories.

So… Blaine’s home. I mentioned that. I have a cold. Mentioned that too. It has me pretty wiped out. Coughing all night isn’t real restful in and of itself, and it wakes up a baby. A lot. And if anyone knows why I talk in my sleep when I have a cold, I’d love to know. There has to be some scientific explanation. Either that or I’m going crazy – which if I weren’t, the talking in my sleep and waking myself up because of it will drive me to crazy. Turns out Blaine, also suffering from same said cold, talks in his sleep too. That’s somewhat normal for him… but not this much. What does that mean?

Sterling brought me a one-dollar bill yesterday and asked me if that was Uncle Troy on it. Umm, no. That’s George Washington. Close, but not quite.

Liberty was doing a report on Harriet Tubman and Eden asked if Harriet Tubman was alive when Moses was alive. I told her no, Moses was a long, long time ago, but Harriet Tubman wasn’t that long ago – but still a long time, I suppose. Eden replied, “Oh, so in the 1980’s?” I informed her I was born in the 1980’s… and her mind went, “Wow! She’s old! Almost as old as Harriet Tubman!” Just for the record, Harriet Tubman was born in the 1820’s.

Eden turned six yesterday. It was a blizzard like Springfield rarely sees (and South Dakota calls just another day) and public school was cancelled. I briefly thought we’d do school anyhow, but quickly came to my senses. I took a nap instead.


Roxanne said...

Okay Adrienne, who was Harriet Tubman and why is Liberty studying about her? You didn't study her in school, so I'm clueless.

Roxanne said...

In my curiosity (and quest for knowledge!!!), I looked up Harriet Tubman. What an interesting read, and what an example of selfless giving. Thanks for spurring me on Adrienne. Go Liberty!

Lorie said...

This had me laughing this morning. Yesterday I was taking my boys for a much needed haircut and I told them I had gone to the same barber shop when I was a little girl. Brett eye's bugged out and he said "Wow, this building must be reallllly old."

Adrienne said...

Our homeschool co-op has Liberty doing reports on historical figures each week. This week was Harriet Tubman. I had no idea who she was either - but we had a book on our shelves about her! Likely a hand-me-down from a fellow homeschooler, I'm thinking. Either way, I learned something too that day.

Lorie - funny! When seven years spans your entire lifetime, yeah, I suppose I'm old! :)