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Jumpy much?

Liberty found a spider in the house. Now, I don’t mind spiders all that much. Kill them and move on, I guess. But this one, about the size of a golf ball and quite hairy, was bordering on the large spectrum, and it was in my house. I did the only decent thing under such circumstances. I hollered for Blaine. And screamed a little.

Last night the dog was going ballistic outside and when we let her inside, she continued to bark. Wondering what had her so riled up, I walked outside for a few minutes to see what on earth was going on. The only noise I could hear was a whippoorwill. I came around the corner in the dark and our barn cat came running around it from the other direction. I just about peed my pants.

It’s been far cooler these last few days, and when I went into the kids’ bedroom to lay Pierce back down after one of his mid-night feedings, I covered up three sleeping children who lay uncovered. When I put the blanket on Charlotte, I heard “Ank-you”. I just about jumped out of my skin.

I wouldn’t recommend coming up behind me these days. I just might slug you. I don’t know what has me on edge, but good grief. My nerves cannot handle it!


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We have had a couple of BIG spiders the past month. It must be the milder winter. I can kill them too, but I sure do prefer to have Ralph here to take care of them for me:)