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swimsuit shopping

Ah, swimsuit shopping.

I realized I needed one. With plans to head out for a week of camping beginning next weekend, I remembered the one I’d worn for the last two summers is of the maternity sort. The one I wore for the several summers before that was so old it was starting to get crunchy. I was going to need something else.

Six kids + swimsuit shopping = comedy or nightmare – Take your pick.

At a homeschool park meet up for the morning, I commented on my afternoon plans. Really, I saw such the day as normal for the years we are in. It would likely end in a giant (literal) headache for me, but it is what it is. We’d get it done, and if it wasn’t too late, we’d go use the kids’ free ice cream coupon for a snack on the way home and celebrate one of life’s less enjoyable afternoons being over.

One dear woman, a friend from co-op, offered to take my kids. She’s awesome. Who else volunteers for six kids to invade their house for a couple hours?

In the end, I kept Charlotte and Pierce with me, tried on five suits, bought the second one I tried on, had momentary second thoughts at the second store when I found another cute one – until I realized that would require a trip back to the first store to return… not worth it. First one is perfect.

I went back to pick up the kids, found out Ruby had told her hostess she thought she was 900, Charlotte peed on their patio, and we were off. Disaster averted… some of them anyway.


Anonymous said...

Nice to have good friends in your corner. Roxanne

Jennifer said...

That is wonderful!! Praise God for such a blessing. :)

Jennifer said...

But did you notice you still choose to take 2 children under 2 to the store with you? The things we consider "easy" make me laugh when I stop to think about them. :)

Adrienne said...

No kidding, mom. Thing is, I don't know her all that well. I've visited with her a few times, enough that I knew I trusted her, but not enough that I'd have thought she'd just volunteer to watch my kids for an afternoon. That was such the blessing right then.

Jennifer, I had to laugh when I realized the same thing. When I had two, I thought it was hard. Now, it's easy as can be. I was amazed, too, that I was suddenly "normal". I didn't get told I had my hands full or get looks from anyone! It's amazing how much faster trips to the store go without stopping to talk to strangers about family size!

in the coop said...

Good for you, taking her up on her offer. I usually feel like I'm imposing, even when someone asks to take my kids for me, so I turn them down. Although, the more kids I have, the quicker I am to accept!

Adrienne said...

I hesitate to take help too. Why is that? I've learned, though, that if they offer and it truly would be helpful, to take it. Sometimes it blesses them just as much as it does me. I hate to impose on anyone, but I'm getting better at just taking helpful help - if you know what I mean!