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Friendly fire, ridiculousness, and midnight hairdos.

Night times are interesting around here lately. Temps are dropping in the night, Charlotte wakes up cold, climbs in bed with us, tosses, turns, kicks, kisses and giggles until I finally wake up enough to realize what’s going on. Put Charlotte back in bed. Might as well wake Sterling up, tell him to use the bathroom while I’m up. Back to bed. Lay there, trying to get back to sleep.

Pierce wakes up to eat. While he’s eating, Charlotte comes back into bed with us. She’s back to pushing and pulling and stealing my pillow and laying on my face and “fixing” my hair and beeping my nose, and it occurs to me.

This, my friends, is ridiculous.

It’s like a war zone. Friendly fire. Really cute, energetic, demanding, friendly fire, outfitted in blonde hair and blue eyes.

Ridiculous. It’s just ridiculous. One of these days, I’m going to get up and go sleep in their beds.

Just as soon as they graduate from the crib mattresses.

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lcarp51 said...

May I suggest a door lock for your bedroom?