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With occasional posts, Alexandra, Adrienne's older sister, writes of her ranch life in Nevada and raising four sons, ages 5 and under. Life is never dull and her boys have given her some pretty awesome stories to tell.

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Oh for cute.

IMG_3946Our local library has rewards for it’s summer reading program. I posted this photo on the Facebook of a restaurant who participated and gave my children free cookies this afternoon. But really, it’s worth posting here too. She was really enjoying that cookie.

It rained last night. I was up ridiculously late when Charlotte came running down the stairs, first crying, then laughing. “The airplane scared me!” It was thunder. We sat outside on the porch, watching the rain. Amazing how rain seems entirely spectacular when it hasn’t rained for a month and a half.

Realization of the day: My girls can mop. My girls like to mop. As one of the chores I always do myself, when I told them to do it today (having more on my list than I could accomplish and deciding something was better than nothing) they were actually excited. The floors are cleaner than when they started, the girls are thrilled with their accomplishment, and I’m calling that an all around success!

Second realization for the day: Staying up until 1:30am sewing ruins any and all ambition for the day. 100 degree weather doesn’t help lack of ambition. At all.


Anonymous said...

That's an awfully big cookie, and one very cute little girl. Grandma!!

Anonymous said...

Talking about watching it rain made me think of this story, Sis. It was about 3am and I woke up to hear water POURING somewhere. I woke husband up and we both went to searching the house for the problem, thinking that something was majorly wrong. Couldn't find anything in the house and decided that either it was a busted water line under the house or the stock trough the cows were watering at in the yard, I went out to check the trough before we crawled under the house. Yeah, turns out it was RAINING and it had been so long since we had heard the sound of rain that we didn't even know what it was!!!

The Johnsons said...

I found your blog on the Circle of Moms Top 25 and had to come meet you. I've have 6 babies in 8 years too! I think we've had all of our babies in the same years too! Your children are adorable. It's so crazy to see the picture of your family and think, "That's probably what it's like for other people seeing ours." our family seems so small but looking at your photo makes me realize why a lot of people stare at our family when we're all out together- that is a lot of little people! It's just our every day normal. God bless your beautiful family. - Abby

Adrienne said...

It's nice to "meet" you Abby! What fun to hear of another family like ours. :) I saw a photo of a family with many children, all ages 10-15 and thought 'Wow! They have a lot of kids!' - then I counted. They had five. It was eye opening. Ours seems small too, but when you see it through someone else's eyes... no wonder we get the comments!