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Tuesday jumble.

You know those weeks when you feel like you just can’t handle much more?

I’ve had one of those. And it’s only Tuesday.

I’ve doled out far more discipline lately than I ever cared to. Come to think of it, that’s always true, no matter how many reprimands I have to make. It’s not a fun job. But lately, it’s been particularly bad. I’ve resorted to teaching Bible verses that reinforce the behavior I’m looking for. I’m not sure if it’s helped, but there’s been a lot of memorization going on around here lately.

Pierce was on my lap last night as I was scolding two of my dear children. He kept holding up his little finger, putting it over my lips, and saying, “Shh. Shhh.” Apparently he’s had enough of it too.

Today is the last day of classes at co-op. Next week is Sterling’s Kindergarten graduation and their year-end parties. Then, we have another day in our week. Time to stay home. Focus our efforts. Go for walks and play outside.

Next week can’t come fast enough.

Sterling was up much of the night Sunday with a croup of sorts. We spent a good chunk of the night on the front porch in the cool air to help him breathe. I thought we’d be in the doctor’s office on Tuesday. He woke up perfectly fine and has been ever since. I still haven’t caught up on sleep from it.

Charlotte says Eden cut her finger off. Reaching into a plate of pasta that’s being cut up with scissors by an older sibling is dangerous business. While Charlie still has her finger, less a bit of skin, if you ask her, she lost a finger in the ordeal.

Sunday Pierce kept insisting his fingers needed to be in my mouth. After telling him to stop over and over, I gave up and bit him, just a little bit. He eyes got wide, he wagged his little finger at me, and told me, “No, no!”

Pierce is getting life figured out. Respect for elders… we’re still working on that one.

Her mercies are new every morning. So thankful for it.

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