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We were invited to go to Silver Dollar City with friends yesterday. For non-Missourians, it’s a giant Christian-run wild-west themed park. Roller coasters, rides of every shape and size, and food and stores and music and and and. It’s amazing. It’s expensive.

Friends have season passes. Season pass holders get free “Bring a friend” passes. And so, one dear woman arranged enough friends with “Bring a friend” passes to all go together and therefore get my children and me in free.

It. Was. Amazing.

What’s not to love about eight hours of riding rides and visiting with friends? Sterling and Ruby, at 41 5/6 inches tall, and Ruby, at 41 1/2 inches tall, were tall enough to ride a great deal of rides. Eden was tall enough for all but one, and Liberty has grown to “tall enough to ride them all” status. Oh, the fun they had. One ride, reaching 68 miles an hour…. up side down… was pretty amazing. I felt the uncanny need to hold onto my daughter next to me, despite the full knowledge that I’d never be able to save her that way. Thankfully, no lifesaving clutches were needed and I restrained myself. Whether I screamed or not, I’ll never tell. Water rides seemed to be a favorite all around, and Charlotte and Pierce thoroughly enjoyed riding in bugs and frogs.

The Duggars were there. I used more restraint and didn’t talk to them. But how cool is that?

I got called a mini-Duggar clan myself. We’re less than 1/3 of the way there though.

We weren’t the ones stuck on one ride. We didn’t get to ride that one, but at least we weren’t the stuck ones.

I haven’t been that tired in a really, really, really long time. 16.5 hours later, I’m still tired – but at least my legs feel like they won’t fall off anymore.

The kids came home, declined the supper I wasn’t making, and bedtime has never been so easy. Ah, the joys of sheer exhaustion.

Today… we’re having a “I’m so tired and emotional and therefore naughty” day. Pierce left purple bite marks on Charlotte, Ruby and Charlotte fought over who got to bring the diaper pail lid to Liberty for carrying the washed-out poopy diaper to the laundry room - that very same diaper that Pierce stepped in while I tried to take it off of him. I’ve had to discipline and/or scold nearly everyone. The ones that are left are walking the line, having watched the aftermath of their siblings’ behavior. Naps, all around sound in order – except we have plans with friends this afternoon. I might be pushing my luck on the good-behavior card.

Did I mention what a fun day yesterday was?!


alhsjej said...

We love Silver Dollar City! We haven't been in a while. You definitely get your exercise walking the hills!!

Roxanne said...

Sounds like a good tired. Glad you had a great day and time away to be able to do something really fun!