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Calendar confusion and scared stripes - or something like that.

Ah, the busy-ness of this house has taken over. Between that and the internet seeming to only like Blaine, I'm finally getting this updated. And just for the record, first I wrote business. Because that should be busyness. And while business works there too, I fixed it. Because, well, "business" is something I have to clean up a lot of. You know.

Ran yesterday with a friend. What was I thinking? I have visions of being skinny and cute, but after yesterday, I'm thinking this baby belly might just be all right. My thighs doth protest too much.

Charlotte is 5.5 weeks old, quite the chunk, and mostly content - although she does love to be held. Blame her for me not getting on here - it's awfully hard to type one handed. Sleep is not bad; some nights she gives me 5-6 hours straight. I'll take it.

Last week the kids and I headed north to my parents' house in South Dakota for 5 days. Yes, it was cold, but tolerable most days. Yes, there is snow there - but only a little in the ditches. Sterling had to be reminded what snow was; Ruby didn't care what it was, she just dove in, bare hands and all. Those two are about as opposite as they come.

Sterling asked me this morning if Christmas is in first grade. He was looking at the calendar but I'm still a little confused as to what he meant by it. Later, he handed me a stack of plastic nuts all stacked up on one toy screw and told me it was a Christmas tree. Someone help me here; I'm confused still. Whatever it meant, he put it on the coffee table for decoration. Who needs knick knacks?

Last night I cooked 6 pounds of sweet potatoes, 2 pounds of ground beef, and 1 pound of green beans to feed these troops. There were enough sweet potatoes left for another meal, but the sheer numbers were staggering to me. We are going to need a really, really big garden in the coming years if we're not going to be eaten out of house and home. And really, these are mostly girls! That's looking to be a good thing when I start considering the grocery budget.

A work release crew just walked past, picking up trash. The kids were entirely curious about everything, from what the men had done (No idea. I've heard it's unwise to ask.) and if they had to ride in the trailer (Pretty sure the van was for the inmates, the trailer for the trash.) and why the men wore black and white stripes. (That was the only question I was entirely certain I had the right answer to. Although I didn't know stripes were still "in". All the old movies show stripes; the new movies show orange. Way to be retro, MO.) Brady, by the way, thought she was tougher than all the inmates walking past. Little dog, I hate to break it to you, but your 4 pound frame is looking a little scrappy... although I'm sure the term "Yorkie-Poo" would scare the stripes right off of them.

Charlotte was nursing the other day and pulled off for a minute. Sterling walked in just then and matter of factly informed me I'd forgotten to put my boob away. Thanks, little man. I appreciate the heads up.

The three youngest are down for naps, and since the only other stories I can think of are ones that I certainly wouldn't publish and incriminate myself (more), that's all I've got. Time to clean while I can.


Alicia James said...

Hey, I'm super proud of you for running. Who did you go with? It really does get easier!!! But, only if you don't forget to put your boob away, lol!!!

Ammy said...

Hey, now, you did great! And I wondered why I didn't hear from you today...but was slightly relieved myself! LOL! Do you want to try for tomorrow with me, or Saturday with the group? We can keep each other going. I loved visiting with you, and I loved watching our kiddos play together. Please, let's do it more often! :D