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I sneezed 4 times this morning and was informed by my son that it was funny because I had "three snore sneezes and only one 'Bless you!'". Funniness.

I was nursing Charlie this morning without covering myself, sitting at the computer in front of the window. A Dodge Charger drove past, stopped in front of our house, then drove off. Our house is on a hill off the road a bit, but now the question is- why did he/she stop??? And am I disillusioned in thinking people can't see in? Oh boy.

If you cover your face, no one can see you, right? Sterling thinks so.

Charlie weighed a whopping 12 lbs 2.25 oz yesterday and was 22.25 inches long. She's riding the 85% line on all and gained almost 3 pounds in 5 weeks. All I can say is I'm glad it was her and not me! Atleast if I've been unknowingly exposing myself to the passers-by all this time, someone can benefit. I mean, other than... oh nevermind. Covering up now!

The kids saw egg nog in the fridge and wanted to know what it was. They poured a glass, Liberty didn't like it. Eden didn't like it. Sterling tried it and started bawling, scraping his hands on his tongue, crying that it was gross and he couldn't get the taste out of his mouth. Oh, I cried, laughing so hard. Ruby wanted to try it, said it was "blech" and went back for more - over and over again. Thinking she really did like it, and was out for the attention Sterling received. Either way, egg nog isn't a real big hit around here, I guess. Would it be mean to give Sterling a bit more to videotape his reaction? Funniest Home Videos, here we come... or a great blog post at least!

*Photos from the week after Charlie was born. I'm so fast in posting them, I know. When I get more on the flash drive, I'll post more. No rush, you know. The bandaid on Sterling is from picking a bug bite open and me trying to get him to leave it alone. He wasn't hurt, that time. If I took a photo now, there'd be a big egg on his forehead from falling off the chair into the cupboard and then falling off the couch onto the floor, both hitting the same spot. It seems to be a pattern, poor boy.

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Roxanne said...

These would make nice pictures on the calendar if you want to use them Adrienne. Up to you!!