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Ah, the intricacies of Eden.

Eden’s new favorite word: tempted. Turns out, she’s tempted a lot. Or she doesn’t quite understand the definition of “tempted”.

She’s tempted to take her watch off when I use that stuff so it doesn’t get dirty.

She’s tempted to not put sugar on her cereal. (This after I had to explain why sugar does not have a daily value assigned. I made the mistake of saying sugar isn’t necessary to a healthy diet. Rephrase: sugar is necessary to my diet.)

She’s tempted to clean off her bed. (Don’t hurt yourself, Darling. It’s a small large disaster on there.)

The girl loves to sing. Painfully off-key, but she loves to sing. When she can’t remember a tune, she makes one up. It hurts. Yesterday she was dancing around the house singing “Oh, oh, the Mr. Toe.” I didn’t correct her, because then she’d want to know what mistletoe is and I don’t know that I’d want to get into that tradition.

She got a word-find book from Liberty for Christmas. It’s well-above a five year old level, but she doesn’t care. If she can’t find the word, she just writes it in the margins and circles that. Or she circles the letters in the puzzle, one at a time, that spell the word, scattered randomly around.

Rules? Eden doesn’t care to understand them. She beats to her own drum. Ruby’s following in her footsteps.

I’ve got my work cut out for me.

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alysia said...

Oh, that is so Claire! I can't remember what song it was, but I know it was a secular one and she kept singing "Jesus, oh-oh-oh" We didn't correct her either. Was tempted to get the word-find book, too. Sure Claire would write them in, as well. Gotta love them!