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What does that mean?

Apparently Brady has me trained. She barks at her water bowl, I rinse and fill it. Really now.

Eden heard the “making a list/checking it twice” line and asked what it meant. The idea of Santa is a fairly foreign concept to her, and after explaining it, she asked, “If it really was true, if there really was a list, would I be on the naughty list?” Oh, honey. We all would.

I was informed by my dear three year old son that “There was a stop sign back there, Mom!” I replied, “I know honey. I stopped. Quickly.” The look of confusion on his face told me to wait for the rollback next time or he’s ratting me out.

Eden got carsick on the way home the other day. She was supposed to clean out the van, but didn’t do so great of a job. Neither did the cat she then locked (accidentally, I assume) in the van. That was one terrified half-wild cat that spent the night in the van. She left gifts. Really, if she was going to jump in there and leave her mark, couldn’t she have at least done a better job with the vomit?

An Amish woman in the grocery store asked if my children are all mine. I told her they were, and she asked how close in age they are and commented on my hands being full. Nothing new – except for the Amish woman part. It’s given me pause to think - I just haven’t reached any conclusions yet. When a person that is part of a church that teaches that children are a blessing and encourages all you can have asks a question like that, what does that mean?

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Roxanne said...

Our canary lets me know when he is out of food. His very annoying, grating "chirp" definitely gets my attention. Works every time. No one said animals weren't smart, they train us well!