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Well, that was just cool.

Sterling loved his work boots. All summer, he’d put on his work boots, his “work” jeans (jeans with holes in the knees, to match the holes in his Daddy’s jeans that were well-earned crawling in the crawlspace) and he’d head out to help his Daddy. Blaine had much to do, mostly in the crawlspace, involving re-plumbing water and sewer lines and running new gas lines as well. This house was a wreck. But Sterling had a great time helping his Daddy.

A couple months ago, Sterling’s work boots had to go. They were a size 7, killing his feet, but it was still a very sad day for Sterling. I looked for a new pair, but couldn’t justify spending the money on a new pair. Still, I kept looking for some at all the consignment stores. My mom was looking for some too.

Yesterday I took the kids shopping for gifts for each other. We had just walked out of a $1 store, the three older kids were already in the van, Ruby was throwing a fit it typical Ruby fashion, and a car pulled up next to mine. The woman got out, commented on Ruby’s coughing and I said it was all fake in the name of getting her own way. There was no way this lady saw my other kids except for Ruby and Charlie. So when she asked if I had a boy, I said yes, wondering if she knew us from somewhere.

Nope. She popped open her trunk, pulled out a pair of work boots identical to Sterling’s old ones, only in a size 9 and asked if he would like them. She said she’d bought them at a consignment store, feeling led to buy them with no one to give them to – just that God would show her. It was incredible. Sterling put them on immediately, wore them all afternoon, then gave them to me to wrap for him for Christmas. Right then, it was pretty incredible. God cares for even the little, frivolous things like giving Sterling the desires of his heart – new work boots. That’s awesome.


Jennifer V said...

Praise God for work boots!!!!!!! That is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

When we were in Rapid something similar happened... our vacuum broke. While at Payless an older lady asked us if we needed a vacuum. God and his mysterious ways! -Kristin

Anonymous said...

LOVE!!!! Great story. So fun to be able to tell Sterling of God's love.

Ammy said...

You are so right, Adrienne. He cares about the little details because He loves us so very much. We'll never understand His ways, but we can be assured that His love never fails. Merry Christmas, my newest dear friend! :)