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Thank You, Lord.

Last night, 4:30 pm of course, I called the doctor about Ruby. Of course, due to close in a half hour, and me living 45 minutes away from there… we were told to go to urgent care. Ugh. Never been there, didn’t really care to. I have to say, I’m less impressed now, having experienced it. She’s still supposed to still see our regular pediatrician today or tomorrow – but I cannot figure out why. Except then they can charge for two visits… grr.

Ruby has strep throat. And super sensitive skin that reacts horribly to bug bites. That he really wasn’t worried about.

Didn’t see the strep coming. She’s not complained about her throat at all. Just the bug bites. But 12 hours later of antibiotics, she’s no longer fevered, the all-body rash seems to have dissipated, and she’s her lively self once again. Mad because she slept through her daddy leaving for work and she didn’t get to say goodbye to him. And because she dropped her cup on her toes. And because I did goat chores without her – because she was still sleeping. And because she cannot get her boots off by herself. Yep, life is back to normal.

Eden’s headed to the doctor today. Because she has a sore throat – of course. But maybe, just maybe we can get to the bottom of this. UPDATE: Eden has strep too. But she's growing up - she opted for a shot of penicillin over taking meds for 10 days. Girl after my own heart. As soon as she was done, she said "Now I am done! No fussing with medicine. That was easy." It's the little things, I tell you.

Everyone slept all night last night. Well, except for me. That would take a small miracle – and severe dehydration. But it’s good preparation for when baby’s born. At least that’s what I tell myself.

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