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Wish me luck. Making goat meat (ie. ‘chevon’ or ‘cabrito’ – I’m not sure which category he fell into) for supper. I’m nervously skeptical and making a good amount of potatoes on the side just in case we… need to eat potatoes for supper.

Ruby gave Charlie her stuffed bunny to play with. She told me “If Charlie spits on my bunny, you can wash it. Because that would be stinky and gross. And do we want spit on our clothes? No!” It was a one sided conversation like only Ruby can do. So funny.

Baby’s growing and kicking and having fun flipping in my 6-kids later stretched out abdomen. Why stay head down when there are somersaults to be done?

Ruby ate a rice crispy bar before lunch. Then she complained she was still hungry after I told her one was enough. I asked her what she wanted for lunch. “Rice crispy bars.”

We made bracelets from embroidery floss today. All the kids needed one. Even Sterling. He picked John Deere colors. Yep, it’s a manly bracelet for sure that way.

Eden: “Can school teachers have a broken leg and still teach?” What kind of questions is that???

Sterling: “Is your arm a little fatter than mine?” “Yes.”

“Why is your arm fatter than mine?” Umm, food?


Anonymous said...

Good lick. I'm curious to know how you are preparing it. I found these recipes looking for chevon and thought you might want to save some for future use. - Michelle

Adrienne said...

I cut it into bite sized pieces, floured it and used several fresh herbs from the garden and fried it with a bunch of garlic - and it was good! We all really liked it and the kids asked for it again tomorrow night. That was a far more successful experiment than I expected. I didn't expect to like it at all!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... sounds like milaneses. Don't know what cuts you have but it sounds like a versatile meat.