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Wasting my time.

Looking at baby name websites. Because, well, we need another one – and we are not good at finding names both Blaine and I like. This site had some interesting news for me: “Liberty” is a name that makes you feel weird. Well then.

They also say Charlotte will be a lawyer. This is too much fun. But she’s to be a future hippie too. This should be interesting.

They all missed this list. Whew.

No one else made any of the lists. Huh. I’d could have named at least one that should have made this one. That would have explained a lot.

Back to work. Thinking that site isn’t going to be so helpful, in the end. I’m thinking we should just simplify and go with Blaine Jr. Or Anne. With an ‘e’. Because really, it wouldn’t fit in with the others without the ‘e’.


lcarp51 said...

Oohh. I always wish I could find the magic name for you guys. You are always WAY more creative than I would ever try to be. Can't wait to hear what you come up with! :)

Goldie said...

Noticed the name Suganda on there. Where do people come up with these names?

Adrienne said...

Funny, Laura. We joke that we've used up all the good names now though. My book of 2,000 names or something like that doesn't have any jumping out anymore. What does that mean???

There were some doozies on there, Goldie. Who would do that to their kid?! But then, I used a name that "makes people nervous"... :)

Anonymous said...

If it's a boy, you could name him Quinn Sea. And if it's a girl the name Anita Rose would be fun. :o)
I too am looking forward to the naming of baby Faulkena.
Thanks for always making me smile.

Adrienne said...

Michelle - are you really good or did you know that Charlotte was going to be a Quincy? Because if you didn't, I'm thoroughly impressed!