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Insulated underwear.

Long story short(er), I had a disagreement over how many coats one dear daughter needs, I made a declaration that one church coat is adequate and the other, unworn yet this year, needs to be in the tote for next year. Since the well-worn, much-loved coat has been worn for, ahem, 4 winters now, it’s getting on the small side. I said to finish out the year with the much loved coat and then next year the other can be worn. Tears. Tears. More tears. After spending the afternoon thinking the tears were over the coat headed for the tote and then finding out it was over me having declared that the loved coat cannot be worn for a fifth winter, I asked, “Do you think if I still wore the coat I wore when I was your age now, would it be cute?”

Giggles. “No! It would be like a bra on you now!”

And just like that, there were no more tears. Except for me. I laughed so hard I cried.


Anonymous said...

I take it that is was the light blue coat I saw on her over and over throughout the years!! Roxanne

Adrienne said...

It is, Mom. And the offending unworn coat was the one you got her to replace it. Apparently, it's irreplaceable.

lcarp51 said...

So do you need any clothes for the kids? A friend of mine and I are collecting the outgrown clothes for a garage sale this spring, and I KNOW they won't all get bought...