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Time for a more masculine project.


I’ve been wanting to use this pattern for a while, but I couldn’t find wool at any of my local stores and hadn’t gotten the chance to trek across town to better stores. Complaining to Blaine about Hobby Lobby’s lack of wool material, he suggested cutting up his coat.


You know, the one that has been sitting in a tote for as long as I’ve known him? The one we’ve moved eight times and has just been waiting for me to get an itch to sew with wool?


Thank you, dear Blaine, for giving me the coat off your back out of storage that you didn’t want anymore.

Your boys look so handsome in it.


It was so fun to make something for the boys for a change.

And now, I’m imagining these in pink…

Waiting until after 7:30 am and the boys were fully awake (and, ahem, not still in bed…) might have given me less “deer in the headlights” – but what fun would that be?


Anonymous said...

I did notice the deer in the headlights!! : ) You did such a nice job on them Adrienne - more talent than I would want to expose myself to these days. I'll stick to quilting. Roxanne

Ros said...

I love this!

Funny story about a hat pattern... I ordered one, along with 5 other patterns on sale so they would be a great deal. Within a day, I got an email saying 3 were out of stock. A week later two more (one being the hat pattern) were out of stock. A week later I received a package... with the wrong pattern in it. Instead of saving money, I ended up spending a bunch for a pattern I didn't want. Getting a refund is still an unknown story!

But your hat pattern is adorable! And I have boxes of old jeans waiting for me to turn them into something...

Adrienne said...

Ugh, so sorry for your frustrations Carrie! I've quit buying patterns almost completely anymore. There are so many free tutorials online, I can usually find one to use that way. Blue jeans would work well with this pattern - but the seams would get ultra thick in assembly. If you have a tough machine, it would be super cute!