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Diets, physicals, and being stared back at.

Sterling and Ruby had their yearly physicals yesterday. Sterling was one inch taller and 2/10 of one pound heavier than Ruby. He didn’t care how much; he just wanted to know he was still bigger. I think Ruby passing him up is his worst fear. The look on his face when the doctor told him that she would eventually pass him up, for a season, confirmed my suspicions. It’s hard to be a little guy. Both got shots. Sterling didn’t even flinch and was oh so proud of himself for that. Ruby sang what we commonly refer to as “the owie song” around here. It was a strange moment, watching my two middles acting so big.

I’ve gone on a no-carb no-sugar diet. Once I got past the first few days of not having a clue what to eat and choosing nothing as a good option (effective in the weight loss category, but it makes for one very crabby me) I’m finally figuring this out. So far, so good. I’d have a hard time eating like this long term, but it’s fun to watch the scale drop. Having never really attempted anything like this before, I’m seeing why people don’t stick to it. It’s just not that fun.

Our new fridge is in the garage. It is, at the moment, full of vegetables. Full. I look all healthy or something.

The girls all got owl necklaces for Christmas. Ruby’s owl promptly broke in half, just below the eyes. She still wears it. There’s something eerie about two bright blue jewel eyes staring back at me from my daughter’s chest.


Kristin said...

I know you didn't ask... but if you get desperate while you are still doing sugar/carb free, I have a great sugar free chocolate icecream recipe... banana is the base and the "sugar".
Good luck!

Laura Mindeman said...

I may be joining you on that carb/sugar free diet too! We will see what next week brings, but maybe we can do it together. It's always easier to diet with a friend!

Adrienne F said...

Join me in my misery, Laura. :) It's been fun to get on the scale though, and watch that it's actually working. Can't wait to find my jeans loose. :)

Adrienne F said...

Oh, do share, Kristin! I'm craving sugar something fierce tonight. Ugh. I'm not eating any fruit for the first few weeks, but then...

Kristin said...

3 medium bananas (cut up and frozen)
1 tsp vanilla
3 Tbsp cocoa powder
3-5 Tbsp nut butter (I use homemade fresh ground)
If you like it thinner (more like soft serve) add some milk (I use soy or almond)

It works great in a pinch. What diet has you going back on sugar after you've gone off? I'm just curious. It seems when you get off coming back on can make you sick, so be careful! (I haven't had gluten in a long time and the one time I did it wasn't good!).

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Adrienne that you can eat sugar free jello. It really does help with the sugar craving.....Roxanne

Adrienne F said...

Thank you! I can't wait to try it.

I'm following the South Beach diet. It has you go off everything for two weeks, then slowly introduces some of the healthy things back in. It's a sugar/carb/starch purge at the first, basically. I don't want to go off everything permanently - I couldn't afford it in this house! But eating healthier choices is a good thing, and I've enjoyed the scale's reaction to this phase. :)