Primarily written by Adrienne, a homeschooling mother of seven, ages 10 and under. She chronicles life, laughs, struggles, and lessons learned as she raises a larger-than-most sized family and tries to figure out what she's doing day by day.

With occasional posts, Alexandra, Adrienne's older sister, writes of her ranch life in Nevada and raising four sons, ages 5 and under. Life is never dull and her boys have given her some pretty awesome stories to tell.

Stick around awhile, and you're sure to laugh, nod, smile, be encouraged, and see what life is like with a big (little) family.



Sterling is a horrible looker. Horrible.

He comes to the house, upset, because he'd lost his glasses in the snow.

Perfect. I pried the rest of the story out of him.

He'd been playing in the snow, realized he was going to get snow on his glasses, so he took them off and, when he got to the house, realized his glasses weren't in his mitten any longer. With that information, my right to be upset with his failure to maintain knowledge of his glasses' whereabouts diminished, I headed outside in the snow to help him look.

He was down in the pasture, traipsing through the snow. We looked and looked and finally I asked if he was sure he lost his glasses down there.

"No. I took them off up by the barn."

Then why are we in the pasture looking?! At this point, I had fallen through the snow crust and ended up to my knees in snow multiple times. With backless shoes on, I had snow in my shoes and snow in my pants. Fun times.

We headed up to the barn and resumed our search. Upon finding nothing, I asked him exactly where he'd been standing when he took them off. "Over there." He pointed some distance from our search area. Oh good grief. How about we go over there?

We looked some more. Now a good half hour into our search, I was cold and I had more snow in my shoes than I'd care to deal with. I questioned him further. "Where did you realize you lost them?"

"Behind Grandma's car."

We decided to look there and work backwards. Many minutes later, he muttered, "I dropped them right here. They have to be somewhere."

Wait. a. minute. You know where you dropped them?!

Oh yes. He dropped them behind Grandma's car. And there they were, feet from the car, unbroken and now very snowy.

I still haven't gotten to the bottom of why we were searching in the pasture and by the barn when he knew where he was when he dropped them. I'm not sure I want to know. Next time, I'm prying for all details before I give my toes an ice bath.



Lanita said...

Adrienne, you need some boots! Well, you had a little excursion outside with your wonderful little man.

Adrienne F said...

I have a fabulously warm pair of boots, sitting all by their lonesome in Missouri. But I remembered all the kids boots! That has to count for something. :)