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It’s like a barnyard around here.

There’s still a rooster roaming the yard. How he’s lived this long, I’m not sure. Why I continue to allow him to live, I’m even more unsure. He crows at all hours of the day and night, but lately, he’s pushing me to my limits.

He’s taken to thinking the front porch is for his residing pleasures. The concrete patio has become his playground.

My children’s shoes keep tracking in the signs of the suicidal animal.

If he’s hanging out on the porch and patio… and leaving the remnants of his time spent there for everyone to know where he’s been… he must be suicidal.

Pierce w rooster

Between “Some Other Guy’s Rooster” as Charlotte has affectionately named the stray, and two of these furry gray balls of infuriating named Fred and Angus (both girls, ironically enough):


who like newspapers, which is fine with me, but also like the inside of my home, which is NOT fine with me, I’m just going to go crazy. Between the rooster making a mess of our play spaces, and the cat climbing the screen and running inside every time the door opens, it’s like a three ring circus around here. It’s driving me crazy.

Looking at the bright side, it’ll be the animals that send me over the edge. The kids’ consciences can be relieved. They didn’t do it.


Sharilyn said...

We have a 12 week kitten here that keeps sneaking in to sleep by the wood stove. I have not had an indoor cat yet in these 21 years of marriage and I think that is about to change, not by my choice, but I guess I'm not the only one that lives here. I do understand your post. Empathy, sister, empathy.

Christine said...

The rooster is cracking me up. Sorry. How far does he have to push you before you turn him into rooster and noodles? :)

A solution for the cats...
A friend has a neighbor with a registered colony of outdoor cats who keep trying to get into my friend's house. One snuck in before they left for a long weekend, and used their bed as it's litter box for 3 days. She had had enough, and without killing the cats needed a way to deter them. The answer? VapoRub. She bought a jar, basically painted it around the bottom of the door jam, and the cats haven't come anywhere near the door again.

Julia said...

I'm going to try the VaporRub today! A well-meaning sister in law gave us three kittens a couple of months ago and only 1 remains alive. One was ran over (traumatic/funeral/girl dug up kitten days later to say goodbye/gross), the other disappeared and the last annoys me to death trying to come inside.

In chicken news, Elias got pecked in the soft part of his hand trying to climb the fence into the chicken yard on Monday. Gouged his hand terribly, never seen anything like it! If we could narrow down who the culprit was I'd have a supper plan!

Adrienne F said...

I'm trying the Vaporub too! Wow, that would be an easy fix. I'm so tired of chasing down kittens. I refuse to give in, Sharilyn. Cat hair I just cannot do. Christine, I'm getting close. Pierce loves to chase the thing around and hollers "Bye, Chicken!" every time we leave the yard. It's the only reason I haven't taken care of him already.

Charlotte Moore said...

I really do not see how you put up with that. No way could I do it. I am not an animal person to begin with. We have had a dogs but no inside ones. We have none now!!!

Adrienne F said...

I'm not really sure either, Charlotte. We do have one dog, Brady, and she's indoor, but she drives me a little bit crazy sometimes too. But... the kids love her and it's been good for them to have a dog to take care of. When we got her, many of them were scared of all animals and now no one is. It helps that she weighs less than most of them did as newborns. :) I'm not an animal person either. I wish I had more patience for them, but so far, that hasn't changed!