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Projects while the sickie sleeps.

Pierce has been sick this weekend. It started Friday night. About the time he was sent to bed, he started crying. And crying. And 16 hours later, he finally quit crying and fell into an exhausted sleep. Ibuprofen didn’t even slow him down. Teething tablets did nothing. Discussions were made as to whether to take him to the doctor, not having a clue why he was crying and he refused to talk or point what hurt or anything to indicate what the problem was, but in the end, we stayed home. Hard decisions. He’s recovering, sleeping a ton, mostly on me, and now says his teeth hurt. Hello, am I glad I didn’t take him to Urgent Care over teething. “Yeah, we have a mom of six here who can’t figure out her son is getting a new tooth. You’d think she’d have figured this one out by now.” Nope. Not a clue.

But, on that note, I stayed home from church today. Blaine teaches Sunday school, so there’s not much choice. I’m the dispensable one. So, while Pierce slept, I sewed. Rough morning, to be sure. I made this:


While I had visions of it being, oh, about twice as big, (It’s 8”x10” finished.) I made one true to pattern and now, I’ll attempt to double it, I think. I used fabric leftover from other projects (a few slings contain these fabrics) so it cost me nothing. Kinda fun. I went to a popular bag company party a few weeks ago and found myself looking at the catalog thinking, “I could so make that – and it wouldn’t cost me $65.” I walked away feeling horrible for buying nothing, but inspired to get out my sewing machine. Fun.


Alysia said...

I still love those fabrics and Reese really likes to sleep in it! I've worn him apple picking, to the library, grocery store, and swim practice. Thanks again!

Oh, and being a parent to more children does not mean you have it all figured I am learning again. :)

Charlotte Moore said...

Poor baby!!! Also poor mom!!!

Nice job on your bag. You are so talented.

Adrienne F said...

Alysia, I love them too. Yours is my favorite sling yet. I'm glad Reese likes the sling! He'll love it more as he gets a little bit bigger - at least Pierce did. I wore him in a tube sling until he was a few months old, then switched to the Mei Tai.

I'm proving that I do not have it figured out on a daily basis. But teething?!

Charlotte, thank you. You're so kind. :)

Kristin said...

That purse is super cute!