Primarily written by Adrienne, a homeschooling mother of seven, ages 10 and under. She chronicles life, laughs, struggles, and lessons learned as she raises a larger-than-most sized family and tries to figure out what she's doing day by day.

With occasional posts, Alexandra, Adrienne's older sister, writes of her ranch life in Nevada and raising four sons, ages 5 and under. Life is never dull and her boys have given her some pretty awesome stories to tell.

Stick around awhile, and you're sure to laugh, nod, smile, be encouraged, and see what life is like with a big (little) family.



  • Pierce threw two new rolls of toilet paper into the toilet.
  • Someone left the toothpaste, uncapped, on the bathroom rug. Charlotte stepped on it.
  • The rug’s in the washing machine. Fourth load for today.
  • I took the kids grocery shopping at two stores and to the library.
  • A random man asked me when I was going to be done having babies. I sputtered but remained polite.
  • I found out Liberty had a huge amount of homework to do for co-op. Due tomorrow. It’s still half done. Three maps to color and label takes a long time.
  • I found out Eden had a report on Laura Ingalls Wilder to do, among other things. Also due tomorrow.
  • I remembered once again that I’d rather homeschool than deal with daily homework.
  • I took the kids to the library. I’d borrowed Courting Cate by Leslie Gould and liked it so much I went to see if she had other titles. None were there. Read Courting Cate if you like Christian Fiction. It’s really good.
  • I didn’t have to throw even one kitten out of doors. They seem to be learning. I took Theodore Roosevelt’s advice to speak softly and carry a big stick to heart.
  • Floppy rulers qualify as big sticks.
  • I counted four gallons of milk in the fridge when we got home and sighed, realizing we’re not going to make another week. I thought we had six.
  • I sprayed the tub down with Comet spray at 9 am.
  • I finally got the tub scrubbed at 9 pm.
  • The tub soaking for that long doesn’t help out anymore than soaking for three minutes.
  • Pierce made it to 8 pm before he pooped in his pants. I was just thinking that we’d had an accident-free day.
  • Sterling couldn’t remember what lines of symmetry means on his math assessment. Seconds later, he informed me that 22 x 10 = 220. I don’t know what to do with that boy.
  • Ruby maybe, just maybe, has caught onto reading. She’s getting faster. It amazes me what personality and a little bit more time means at the ripe old age of five. Thinking back, the older the child was, the easier it was to teach them to read. The oldest one was 5.5 years old. That beats 4.5 any. That’s nearly a quarter of their life difference.
  • I stayed up way too late typing this, because I walked into the bathroom and saw the two rolls of tp in the garbage and it was just enough aggravating to write about.

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Charlotte Moore said...

WOW!!! Interesting day you had there. Haha!!