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Christmas preparations.

I finally finished Christmas shopping. I had to sew a few things, and got those made tonight, and everything wrapped. Whew. We don't get the kids a ton of gifts by any means, but half a dozen gifts per kid still means I wrap 36 gifts. I'm finally excited about the things we found, but it took a bit of creativity to figure out what to get. I sewed Charlotte and Ruby mei tai slings for their dolls, a maxi skirt for Liberty with a matching scarf, and a pillow for Charlotte. She found a remnant of polka dot minky that she grabbed and declared she need a new pillow with it. She really did need a new pillow, so I can't wait to see her reaction. That was the extent of my homemade gifts, but it was fun anyhow.

My seam ripper is missing. The pressure that creates when such a key tool in my sewing box shows up missing... I felt like I was a newbie at sewing all over again, scared to make a mistake. Funny thing is, I have had the same seam ripper since high school. I decided it was dull, bought a new one, and days later Liberty broke my old one. And now, my new one's missing. Funny how that works.

I asked Blaine's opinion on my boots this morning. When I questioned his choice because I didn't think they were dressy enough, he told me they were fine - but even if they weren't, who's going to argue? I'm pregnant. In his words, "No one who's smart!" I laughed. Poor man has lived with a pregnant wife just over five years now - nearly half of the time we've been married. He's learned how to keep peace with me when my hormones are in overdrive, apparently.

We're on Christmas break this week. Blaine only works one day this week. It should be fun. Christmas is never as fun as seeing it through the eyes of my children. Pierce remembers his birthday well enough to be thrilled at the sight of gifts. He was told one in particular is his, and he keeps trying to convince me to let him open it. Not until Christmas morning - but I can't wait either.



Roxanne said...

Wish we could be with you for Christmas. Hoping you'll take a video so we can be there with you in spirit as well. Maybe? : -)

Charlotte Moore said...

I bet you all have so much fun. I would love to see your kids open their gifts with all the excitement. So sweet I know.