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With occasional posts, Alexandra, Adrienne's older sister, writes of her ranch life in Nevada and raising four sons, ages 5 and under. Life is never dull and her boys have given her some pretty awesome stories to tell.

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Fiction, Christmas Trees, and Grandpa

"I know jackals are real. They are in Jotham's Journey and in Chronicles of Narnia." Eden lives in a world of fiction. The fact that Blaine had showed her a photo of a jackal a day earlier meant nothing. It's in a book. That's all that matters.

Charlotte was eating her soup at supper when apparently it was too hot. She grabbed her forehead as if it were going to explode. That launched a whole discussion on York Peppermint Patties and how Grandpa told them that the flavors would explode your tastebuds and you're wise to hold onto your head during the eating of said candy. I'm pretty sure every kid believed it to be true.

What Grandpa says is gospel. If I didn't believe it before, Ruby proved it this week. I started singing "Oh the weather outside is frightful..." but Ruby finished the line for me. "But Grandma's kiss is so delightful..." We've been over this before, but when I giggled and told her that's not really how the song goes, she argued. I lost that argument.

The kids went up to the pasture and worked on cutting down a cedar tree tonight. Apparently they ran out of steam before they got it cut completely down, so now they have plans to head back there tomorrow with Daddy and reinforcement: the chainsaw.

It's never dull around here.



Alexandra N said...

That is hilarious, Sis! Trying to imagine Charlotte holding onto her head to keep it from exploding... Yeah, all the things that they are learning, huh? :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to be of help with their education. Grandpa

Charlotte Moore said...

LOVE IT!!!! I could picture this as I read it. Precious indeed!!! I think she might have that song right. Hahahaha!!!