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Oh the weather outside…

IMG_4993It’s snowing. For the first time this season, the weather is in the 20’s and it’s snowing enough to stick. Slightly. Ruby went out to help her older siblings gather kindling this morning before the snow (might, just maybe, if she’s lucky) covered up the ground, but she was so top heavy she was fearful she might go headfirst when she bent to retrieve sticks from the ground.

I, of course, laughed and took a photo before I sent her on her way.

Just for the record, this climate is nothing like I grew up in. They have –30 degree wind chill temps.

We were at the zoo yesterday. In t-shirts. It was 62 degrees.

The kids are hoping it snows enough to sled in. This whole southern living business is pretty odd, I tell you!


Roxanne said...

Your dad mentioned that it was 61 there yesterday, and we were in the middle of a snowstorm - got 5 inches of snow - on top of the ice. He is rethinking this living in SD! It's 2 degrees today -10 tonight. Brrr

Charlotte Moore said...

No way I could take that kind of weather that Roxanne mentioned. It was almost 70 here yesterday but that is very unusual. It was very humid too. We live in north GA.

She was prepared for the cold and I don't blame her. HAHA!!

Roxanne said...
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Roxanne said...

Charlotte, Ruby was wishing she was in South Dakota with her grandma and grandpa. That girl does love it here, and needless to say, we love having her.