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My dear husband surprised me last week with a potato/onion/garlic bin for my kitchen, freeing what I had been using for fruit, something that completely thrilled me. I now have ALL my big metal bowls clean, off the counter, and available for other uses. In a completely uncharacteristic never-happened-in-our-12-years-together move, he made me something completely out of the blue. He took an oak pallet, sanded it down, and made this for me:


With a love for the antique look that dominates my kitchen, (and a LOT of cookbooks, that also dominate a good portion of my kitchen…)


I LOVE this. So, so cool. (I also love RADA knives. If you couldn’t tell.)


I just had to brag a little. Thanks, Blaine.


Roxanne said...

Pretty cool. Fits your kitchen perfectly. Way to go Blaine.

Charlotte Moore said...

I have seen several things made from those and it is so neat. One was a tray and I would have to have one.

I have lots of Rada knives too. I used to sell them.

Smart and talented guy.

Alexandra N said...

Okay, I seriously love your fruit container thing, Sis. Where do you find something like that? and what is it called? I just have several bowls (or just the bags from the grocery store) hanging around with the fruit.
That's a seriously cool potato bin too, by the way. :)

Adrienne F said...

I LOVE Rada, Charlotte! I bought most of mine in high school, to put in my hope chest. I just had to replace the first one - I'd sharpened it to the thicker part of the blade. Good knives make my life easier. :)

Alex, the wire baskets are from Hobby Lobby. I love them. My stuff had always been left in bags too - it's fun to have a nice place to keep it now.