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Calling it a day after that one.

Let me start with a disclaimer - we live in town. Not a bad neighborhood from anything we've seen, but we've got neighbors. Lots of them.

We went for a walk today. The kids had been itching to go for a bike ride, it's been well below freezing for many days now, and it's finally warming up. It was 49 degrees and we headed outside. We were on the next street up from ours, and I stopped to fix Sterling and Ruby on the trike (that's a sight - photo another day) and a car pulled up near us. I ignored them. We started walking again, they followed along. It's daylight and an old guy is in his yard nearby, but it was still a bit strange. A "brown" - in my kids world, they're brown. And they are kind of right. Anyway, a brown man stuck his head out the window and asked why I didn't have at least one black baby in my group. Didn't I want a black baby? Would I like to add one to the mix? Uh... I just looked at him. "Why don't you have a black baby? You need to experience (stress on the word 'experience' here) a black man. Where's your man?" I said, "You mean my husband?" "You're married? For real?" "Yeah, definitely married. To a white man, obviously. Nothing personal, just the way it is." Then he told me he was just trying to be friends. Yeah, sure. The weird part was when Eden asked what he'd wanted as he drove away. What do I tell her??? And where's Blaine when I need him??? I have to admit, I'm a bit freaked, even though the guy, despite his crude suggestions, was polite - but my doors are locked and I couldn't help but wonder when the cops drove up and down my street 12 times in the hour after we got home if something bigger was going on. Ugh.


Roxanne said...

That's just too weird Adrienne. Keep your doors locked!

Julie Blythe said...

Oh my... Sounds like Haledon...the part that borders Paterson.
Be careful!

Kayla said...

Ugh, we will say some prayers for your safety tonight!!