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It's really not that complicated, baby. It's not.

"Mom, can you make me eggs that are flat and either hard or runny?"

I laugh.

"Are those called fried or scrambled? I can't remember!"

"Fried, honey."

"Can you make me fried eggs that are runny?"

I fried her eggs. I broke one in the pan. It's the stove's fault, I'm sure. (Really, it's not level, so when 5 eggs in a pan are all on top of each other because they all run towards the back of the stove, I'm allowed to blame the stove. I say so.) When I broke her egg, she exclaimed, "Mom! That one's runny for sure!" So glad. I thought I was going to have to eat the broken egg. She wanted it - because it was runny for sure. Silly goose.

Sterling woke us up 2 hours after we went to bed. That was pretty much the end of my night. He's wheezing and coughing - and crying most the night. We camped out on the living room floor. He kept complaining of a belly ache. An hour in, I realized why. The rest of the night, during the 13 other times he woke up with a belly ache, I'd have giggled if I hadn't been so stinking tired. "Just toot, Sterling! You'll feel better!" It does, however, have me giggling now. That's one thing I never thought I'd say before motherhood introduced me to the world of all things not being obvious. It's really not that complicated, baby. It's not.

After my less-than-restful night that left my back feeling like - well, like I'd slept on the floor, I grabbed a glass out of the cupboard and put a scoop of sugar in it. My hand was on the coffee pot when I realized I probably should use a coffee cup. Is it nap time yet?

Blaine heads out again Saturday morning. He's still not quite sure where. Florida was the original plan, but the weather there is making them re-evaluate. Mexico came up as a possibility. He dug out his passport this morning. He's got one more year on it before marriage and the lack of funds to travel catch up with him and his passport to expires. Poor guy. I've never had a passport, so I'm really feeling his pain.


Roxanne said...

Hopefully Sterling is doing better today - and you as well. Come for a visit while Blaine is away, and bring your snow gear to tunnel through our mounds of snow. The kids will enjoy it, well three of them will.

Adrienne said...

He's happy as can be but sounds downright awful. We're supposed to be getting our own snow here today and tomorrow but it's earily calm right now. It's right about time, with B leaving. He'll end up driving in it if the weatherman is right.