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Thank you, Eden.

In the dressing room at Target:
"Mom, your belly looks kinda like fireworks."
"You know, your belly button is the middle and the lines are like the fireworks."
Be still, my beating heart. The words I've so longed to hear.
"Eden, YOU gave me those lines."
"So did Liberty and Sterling and Ruby, right Momma?"
"Yeah, they helped too." Way to spread the responsibility, Eden.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, there was a pretty distinct snort from the neighboring stall when Eden told me my belly looked like fireworks. I'm just hoping it was another mother with an impressive case of fireworks herself. I'm hoping.


alysia said...

oh, Eden. Someday her daughter, if she is anything like her momma, will pay her back for you!

Adrienne said...

LOL, Alysia - that would be a funny situation. I can just imagine how Eden would deal with that.

Roxanne said...

And you girls are wondering why Adrienne has such verbal children? It's only coming back to haunt her what she did to her mother!!!!! : ) Actually she was a very loving, obedient child :)

Jennifer said...