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Momma's not nice after 8pm.

We moved rooms around today. I decided to put all the beds in the small bedroom, and all the dressers and toys in the front, larger bedroom. Before I started I figured if it didn't work, I'd move it back. Having moved three dressers and a set of bunk beds from one room to the other and having cleaned up the mess I made in the process, let's just say "ain't nothing" gonna make me change my mind. I'm still tired. But when Liberty brought Ruby out tonight because she was talking and Liberty didn't know what she was saying, then I found Sterling and Eden in the bathroom just after I had told them to go before bed - and all this was less than five minutes after tucking them in and saying goodnight, my blood pressure went up. I started to wonder at this combined bedroom idea. I'm pretty sure we're clear on the staying in bed part now. Momma's not nice after 8pm.

It's a long story... but a guy was here to fix the kitchen faucet today, and commented on my fixings for the potluck tomorrow. I was making sloppy joes - from scratch, which he apparently had never seen. Then, the bowl of dough raising on the counter, because I was lazy and made buns rather than heading out and buying them. I have a stand mixer, so this is not that big of a deal. I said I was being lazy, he commented, "Making buns is being lazy and going to the store is work?!" Uh, yeah. I have four kids. That's getting them in shoes, in the car, out of the car, across the parking lot, across the store, back across the parking lot, back into carseats, back out of carseats, back in the house. It's work. Making buns, not so bad. I got the four kids part out before he went, "Point taken." I laughed.

Never wanted to be a single parent, but just in case you were wondering, it's no fun. All the work, all the kids, no company, no fun. Blah. Blaine's paycheck, full of overtime and direct deposited yesterday, that was fun. Not worth missing him, but fun anyhow.

I'd better go. Hamburger buns to get out of the oven. I still say that was entirely worth it. Entirely.

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