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Reading lesson 101.

Ruby was doing her reading lessons yesterday, and that hard “C” sound was getting the better of her. As a poor child who struggles with the C’s and G’s anyway, learning to sound out those words has been interesting. The word: CAT.






“Ruby! There’s no ‘R’. There’s no ‘P’. SOUND IT OUT!”

I’m sure it sounded nicer than that. Actually, it probably didn’t. It was frustrating. Meanwhile, Sterling was giggling and whispering “Cat. Cat. Cat.” over and over like he was being helpful or something.

Ruby paused. “CRAP!”

I stared at her. She looked back at me like she knew she was in trouble. I started snickering.

It all went downhill from there.

The first – and only, thankfully – time I have heard two of my children swear was while sounding out a word that didn’t come out quite right. Ruby’s headed there next, my friends. And when the time comes… I’ll do my best not to snicker. No reaction is the best reaction… but just try that. It’s hard.


Anonymous said...

way to go Ruby in sounding out the hard 'c'.........Roxanne

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard milk came out my nose. Not really. I did laugh out loud though. Hope your day is filled with unexpected snickers. Michelle