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What’s for dinner? Floppity Flop Flop Flop.

I made this for supper tonight: Pressure Cooker Recipe – Beer Can Chicken. Their photo looked fabulous.

pressure cooker chicken

(Photo Credit)

When I eagerly peeled open my pressure cooker, I anticipated beauty. What stared at me instead:


Oh, the horrors. What on earth did I do wrong?!

It looks like road kill. It even has the cast off cheap beer can.


Then, I added the butter and herbs to my red potatoes that I’d so carefully peeled around the center of each, also expecting beauty. I “shook gently to toss”. And they fell apart.


But darn it, I didn’t ruin the peas. I can boil a bag of peas to perfection, my friends. Be proud to be numbered among my followers. For sure.



Sharilyn said...

That is really gross. It does look like something you might find in the ditch along the side of the road. At least you can recycle the can. Did it taste okay? Maybe you should use Budwiser instead. They have great horsey commericals.

Adrienne F said...

It did taste pretty good. I'm sure good beer would be better - but I was going for cheap. And I'm pretty sure the beer was not to blame on the upside down and completely separated chicken carcass!

Anonymous said...

Oh Adrienne, I've never laughed so hard. I was going to call you and ask how it went, guess not so great. Made for a good laugh on this end anyway.........Roxanne

alhsjej said...

That is SO funny!!!