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New and exciting: Purex Glitter

Edited to add: April Fools! Purex set me up with one very funny joke. I can't see all of your faces, but if they were anything like my husband's when I told him about Purex Glitter - I wish I could have been there! 
Purex will stick to glitter-free laundry detergent.

Guess what Purex has developed now? Purex Glitter, with Sparkle Action. One capful makes sparkling clean clothes... emphasis on SPARKLE.

How cool is this? What little girl wouldn't want her favorite dress jazzed up a bit? And towels? You can jazz up your bathroom... and yourself, post shower, just by using the towel!

Purex Glitter contains 100% natural glitter that embeds itself into your clothes and helps you stand out in the crowd! Go from blah to glam with just a load of laundry. Made to work well with both HE and regular machines, no worries about buildup of glitter in the machine. It'll wash out with the dirty water, leaving the next load available for your husband's shirts, glitter-free. Something tells me men wouldn't appreciate this being used on their dress shirts.

Ruby's pretty excited about the possibilities. Can you tell?!

Purex® provided me with a sample of Purex® Glitter detergent in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.

Try some! The possibilities are endless!


Sharilyn said...

um, no thank you. I have enough trouble getting rid of glitter from the carpet, skin, clothes and all without adding it on purpose to my life. But maybe some other mom with plenty of patience would love this. tag Jennifer Walley.

Jill said...

Heck I would even try it. Amanda would be head over heals and I would be the best mom in the world at least for a while until school started.