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Out with the old, in with the new.

Today we’re clearing off the school shelves, putting last year’s books in storage and getting out next year’s books. It’s almost fun. Folders are cleared out and put into manila envelopes, scores are recoded, and it all goes away. It’s a beautiful thing.

Actually, it’s not so pretty. I momentarily thought of taking a photo to go with my blog post, but my piles of books weren’t the most attractive thing I’d ever seen. I opted for no photos.

Our new books are all here. We’re gearing up to start again, and Sterling is really worried about Ruby. She’ll be doing Saxon Math 1 – the book he just finished.

“Ruby, you’ll have to do timed tests. You won’t know what to do. What’s 6 + 6?”

Her answers aren’t instilling confidence.


Sterling sighed, exasperated.

“Ruby! You have to learn this if you’re going to do that book! 6 + 6 is 12!”

Ruby scrunched up her nose at him.

“Oh. How do you write 12?”

He covered his face with his hands.


The conversation went on for many minutes. He doesn’t believe me that he began the year in the same boat. I showed him a place in his old book that had 14 written 41. He remains unconvinced. This big brother stuff is really stressful.


Roxanne said...

It's always fun to finish up a school year. And even more fun to get the new books. I remember the days. Take a break and come see grandma and grandpa. : )

lcarp51 said...

Yes. Go see Grandma and Grandpa. In June. When we are there. :)

Roxanne said...

I like the way you think Laura