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Skip the self-control and use determination.

I work hard at teaching my children self-control. Since it’s a lifelong skill necessary for a Godly life, it’s a lesson I begin to teach early. Their first lesson in this is to be taught to stop crying on command. Each of them have learned this, some younger (and more readily)than others.

Pierce has been a difficult student. He’s finally learning this lesson, and I’ve had a few times, mid-tantrum, when he’ll obey and stop fussing. After six children, I have my first tantrum-thrower. All out, drop to the floor, express-my-displeasure tantrums. It’s been a learning experience on how to deal with these. Highly unpleasant.

This morning, when he wanted to play with a loud toy and we were doing school, Sterling took the toy from him and placed it up, out of Pierce’s reach. Pierce hit the floor. I scolded him and told him to stop fussing, and seconds later, he got up, dusted himself off, and went on his way, happy. Score one for Momma.

And then. He came back with a stool and took it over to the place where the toy sat, out of his reach.

Perfect. Give Momma’s point to Pierce.

While he never got onto the stool, and after many tries, he gave up and went to find something else to play with, I didn’t really win.

We’re still working at this lesson. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for you Sis!!!! haha:)

Roxanne said...

It does make a really cute story however: )