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Happy Birthday, Little Man.

Today, Sterling turns four years old. He’s been waiting for this day since about May 26, 2010. He’s already talking about next year, when he turns five.

This year, Sterling has learned to jump off things he’d never dared before, climb up things (Provided they’re sturdy. He’ll be certain first.), learned to recognize most of his letters and some letter blend sounds, to recognize numbers 1-10, to spell his name out loud – and in the process, learn to spell Eden and Ruby too. Liberty and Charlotte’s spellings elude him still. He’s learned to keep his bed dry – most of the time, to eat food he doesn’t like  - and that he won’t die as a result – and he’s learned he’s the only boy in this crew of kids – and he’s ever so anxious to have a brother. He’s my sweet snuggler, with his shirt tucked in always and work boots on his feet, he’s ready to go. Sterling’s always coming up with hard-to-answer questions like “How will Jesus take us to heaven? In a car?” And “When will I be a grown-up?” and “Why can’t I marry you, Momma? Which special friend will I marry?” He’s full of questions of how things work and will be and struggles with impatience with the rest of us. He took great pride in reminding Ruby that she wouldn’t get to go to heaven if she was mean to him and was startled to learn that sin itself didn’t prevent us from going to heaven – anymore – now that Christ has died for us. Big thoughts for a little man.

He’s more like his father than I even realized. He changed his mind many times regarding what cake he’d like for his birthday. His final decision: pumpkin pie with whipped cream and cherry ice cream with fudge sauce. All of which are favorites of Blaine – without the fudge sauce. I’m hoping candles will stand in pumpkin pie. Blaine’s just thrilled he won’t be required (because that’s our deal) to eat the obligatory piece of birthday cake. I’ll have to let him know he doesn’t have to eat the pie… but somehow, I’m guessing he’ll oblige Sterling’s choice.

Last week, during a sewing project (on the curtains I still don’t know what to do with) Sterling found my folding sewing scissors. He offered to trade his school scissors for my oh-so-cool collapsible sewing scissors. When I declined, he told me he wanted them for his birthday. I didn’t get him any, but I had to laugh after a previous conversation with a dear friend (hi Jill!) about boys and such scissors.

For Sterling’s birthday: Monkey bread for breakfast, sandwiches for a picnic at the zoo, the zoo, pizza for supper, and pumpkin pie (with above mentioned fixings). He’ll get his very first tie (w/shirt), a belt like Daddy’s, a home-sewn super-soft pillow he’ll love, a round shovel just his size, a trowel to replace his old one that got spit out of the lawn mower last week, and a Melissa and Doug racetrack. And from Grandpa and Grandma, a big green box of clothes - he’s decided that’s what’s in there. Quite certain he’s wrong. Such the fun day.

I love you more than life itself, Sterling Blaine.

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